The Georgia Pharmacy Foundation Draw Down!

Friday, June 16; 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Come to the Expo Hall at 5:45!

It’s like “The Hunger Games” meets “The Price is Right,” but without A) bows and arrows or B) that creepy Alpine Climber thingy.

Buy a ticket, maybe win big bucks (and be the envy of your friends (and enemies)) — while more importantly supporting a great cause: The Georgia Pharmacy Foundation.

It works like this. You buy a ticket. You get a number. Numbers are called. If your number is called, you head to the corner to sulk. If you survive, your chance of winning the big pot grows and the payoff gets more enticing. Number called but you purchased the insurance? You get another chance at survival. Yay, insurance!

The tickets are $50, so the payoff is pretty darned big.

All proceeds from The GPhA Draw Down! go to the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation, to advance its educational mission.

(Excitement seem like too much for you? Why not donate to the foundation directly? Go to — you’ll be doing right by the Georgia pharmacy community.)

Important note: You must be present to win!